I Think I Deserve Free Treatment!

So this is mostly going to be a rant post as I am SO upset right now! For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I adopted a 1-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature husky) dog from the local animal shelter last year February. We named her Dakota. So, this year she is now 2 years old and we’ve had her for one year. Well, the shelter gave her the rabies vaccination and we got her micro-chipped and that was that. I knew that her rabies vaccination was due on the 2nd of February so I called the vet we took her to get spayed at to set up an appointment for this shot. John and I were short on money, so we didn’t set up a full exam–just the vaccination.

Our appointment was on the 4th of February, and I talked to the doctor about how we had gotten her from the shelter, etc. She asked if we had been taking her another place for her other vaccinations as she had only been there to get spayed. I told her no, as I didn’t know what other vaccinations she needed. She listed a few, the required ones such as the rabies one and distemper. She then mentioned the one for Kennel Cough, which is a very contagious disease among dogs. I decided I wanted her to get this, even though she is rarely around other pups. The doctor informed me that there had actually been a dog with Kennel Cough in the vet’s office that day. :( Well, I set up the appointment for the end of the month, when John and I would be getting paid again and we could afford to have her get a full exam plus these important vaccinations.

Today, Dakota has been showing every sign of this Kennel Cough thing, hacking and gagging like something is stuck in her throat. :( I feel so bad for her, as there really isn’t much we can do, especially it being the weekend. I am also feeling so freaking angry that she got sick at the vet. How ridiculous is that?!! I took my dog to the vet to get a vaccination, and she gets sick. I definitely think we should get some free treatment for her, since she got sick from being at the vet. She wouldn’t have been exposed to the virus if I hadn’t taken her in. We are planning on calling tomorrow to bitch them out, which is totally what should happen. If I had thought about it at the time, when the doctor had mentioned that there had been a dog there earlier that day with the disease, I would have asked what would happen if she got it. But, I never think of those things at the moment… always when it’s too late. What do you guys think about this ridiculous situation?


  1. Shannon

    13th Feb 2011 at 2050

    I agree that you should get free treatment for the dog being as though she got sick at the Vet! I think it’s ridiculous, but it’s just like hospitals also. People go to the hospital when they’re sick and end up catching all types of things because those places are like havens for all types of germs and sicknesses.

  2. Sam

    13th Feb 2011 at 2234

    That’s ridiculous. They should give you free treatment for that, because it’s entirely their fault. They could at least have had some kind of notice outside or something warning people – surely you aren’t the only ones with an unvaccinated dog.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It’s nice to know that people actually click that ad, and also that people like my layout. Thanks for your lovely words.

  3. Holly

    14th Feb 2011 at 0937

    Your dog is gorgeous!

    I don’t have any pets but I know that the vet bills can be very expensive. You should definitely be allowed to get free treatment for your dog. That is just so unfair. It’s not your fault.

    I think that if the vet knew that there was a dog in the surgery with the virus and that there was a chance your dog could catch it, then they should have given you a free injection there and then.

    I hope they listen to you!

  4. Georgina

    16th Feb 2011 at 1814

    That’s horrid! I can’t believe they didn’t take careful measures to keep the dog away on that day. It’s horrible how Dakota is now showing symptoms of Kennel Cough. I believe it’s entirely the vet’s fault and their wrongdoing. They admitted that there had been an ill dog on the premises so I think they should be taking all the responsibility for Dakota being ill. It is really ridiculous how you were just being a good owner and now this has happened. :(

    You’ll definitely have to tell them what’s going on and let’s hope that they do something about it. Just make sure you call ASAP. Remember that what is most important is her welfare and health. If they’re refusing to admit they’re in the wrong at least make sure that Dakota’s fixed up! Later on if they refuse to compensate you or something, that’s when you should take it further. Humphhhhh. :(

  5. Catherine

    17th Feb 2011 at 1234

    That’s pretty bad. They should be more cautious when it comes to things like that, allowing another dog to catch it so easily is pretty irresponsible.

    I totally agree with you bitching them out, lmao. It wasn’t right what they did so maybe your dog will get the treatment for free now or something Dx Blerg. I hope your dog is alright!

  6. lindsie

    18th Feb 2011 at 1837

    Awe, I think you should give them a call and see what they are willing to do. That sucks!!!

  7. Kirsten

    19th Feb 2011 at 1825

    Wow I just can’t believe that! I would be so mad. They should have warned you before you even brought her that there was another dog there that day that had it. It is really highly contagious. In an otherwise healthy dog it is rarely serious enough to warrant hospitalization or medications but what if she was not healthy? They really should have let you know! I would definitely be ticked off and would demand free treatment for it!

  8. Emiley

    20th Feb 2011 at 0210

    That’s terrible! They should have at least checked if your dog was up to date on the kennel cough vac before even letting you in the vets if they knew there was a dog with it in there.. grr!

    We got Tinkerbell from a private breeder, so she hadnt had her kennel cough vac yet but we completely forgot about it and I started taking her out on short walks down the street.. of course she met other dogs – which could have been a huge problem if any of them had kennel cough =|. Luckily none did and she had the vac a couple days later.

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