Nesting a Website?

I feel like it’s been forever! Nothing really that interesting has happened, thus my lack of blogging. I have, however, been updating like crazy! I’ve added a few new tutorials and added new WordPress themes! Make sure you check them out! I think I’ve been “nesting” my website because I can’t do much with our “nursery” yet. I have been waiting on John to clean the rest of his Army stuff out of that closet.[1. The room used to be his Army stuff room and our small animals room until we got rid of the rabbits and moved the guinea pigs downstairs.] He finally did this weekend, so now I can put away baby clothes! :D I’ve been waiting to take all them out of the packages and everything! I’m getting so excited! :yay:

I’ve been getting excited because I just realized that he could possible come around 37 weeks and still be considered full-term… and that’s only 5 weeks away! It’s so crazy! Also, because I have GD, there’s a greater possibility that I will be induced early or have a scheduled C-section. My next OB appointment is tomorrow, so I’m going to ask the doctor about that stuff. I really don’t want a C-section, but I don’t want to tear because I’m trying to push out a 10lb baby, you know? Also, if we ask for one, the hospital provides us with a free (and not crappy!) breast pump! It would be nice not to have to dish out $100 for a nice one! lol


  1. Georgina

    18th Jan 2011 at 2051

    At least the C-section is an option! You might have an ugly scar but it’s better than all the pain that you could get from tearing. Some people think that having a C-section is taboo or something… but best of luck with that. *hugs*

    Hooray for the updates! I’ve been trying to update like crazy before university goes back. 8D

  2. Afef

    20th Jan 2011 at 1109

    not all C-section scars remain visible :) some of my co-workers have birthed with this method and the scar is hardly visible (so don’t worry about it so much – the important thing is that both you & baby will be safe :3!)

    :3 best of luck xxx

    1. Courtney

      20th Jan 2011 at 1133

      Thank you :) but it’s not the scar that makes me not want a c-section, it’s just the fact that I want to have the baby the way we were built to, ya know? :)

  3. Jane

    20th Jan 2011 at 1536

    Nesting a website sounds a lot more fun than nesting a house. I hate tidying but organising a website is enjoyable (not that you could tell from looking at the sparsity of mine).

    Congratulations on the baby coming along, I bet the weeks will pass so quickly for you.

    1. Courtney

      20th Jan 2011 at 1547

      thanks :D “nesting” in pregnancy terms isn’t just tidying the house… it’s mostly getting the baby’s room ready and setting the nursery up :D that’s what i’m really excited about! John and i still need to stick to our chore schedule a lot better! lol

  4. Nancy

    20th Jan 2011 at 1728

    I love it when we have these bursts of motivation to update our sites :D! I always get that and update like CRAZY. :D Keep it up :D

    And working on a nursery is great before even having the baby because it gives you less work to do AFTER you give birth :D!

    I wish you a safe labor ^__^ When you have a C-section, it cant be that bad. My mom had 2 c-sections and I see no scars! Nada at all! But it depends on the size of you/the baby :/. Actually, it depends on who the doctor is! And who does the stitching!

  5. Kris

    21st Jan 2011 at 1420

    Oh wow congrats, the moment of being a mother must be very exciting! Not that I would know – you read my complaining about growing up blog, aha.

    However a c-section … that is scary, but I heard it’s the option when giving natural birth won’t work because of certain disorders/disabilities. I’m sure medical care these days makes sure everything goes well though! I guess the moment of being a mother is wonderful but what happens before is scary. Good luck.

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