Living at the Hospital

Yep. For the next month and a half I am living at the hospital. Okay, not really but that’s what it seems like! This picture on the left is a list of all my upcoming appointments. Why so many? Well, starting next week I’m supposed to now have one OB (prenatal) appointment a week for them to check my glucose levels and the routine stuff. Then, I’m doing a NST twice a week until I deliver. I thought it was only once a week, but no. Twice. It’s going to be crazy! For the NST what they do is hook me[1. well, my belly!] up to a machine and put two monitoring things on my belly… One is to hear the baby’s heartbeat and the other is to measure any contractions. I’ve had quite a few BH contractions (practice contractions), which usually are not painful, mine have just made my belly really uncomfortable and rock hard when I try and push on it. Not fun but I’m sure the real ones are even more not fun lol. But, yeah, I feel like I will be at the hospital more than my own home in the next few weeks…

IMG_9744 Yes, at last I posted a belly pic. I felt super ambitious today; I made 2 or 3 new tutorials, showered, shaved my legs, even put on makeup! I did not put my contacts in though. I haven’t done that since before I quit work as the pregnancy was making my eyes really dry and my contacts were starting to get really uncomfortable. :( Then I took some belly pics! I don’t have a low enough mirror to take one in the mirror, and my arms aren’t long enough to get my entire body in view, so deal with just my belly! lol This, obviously, was taken today and I am exactly 32 weeks 2 days. :) Now I’m waiting for the hubby to get home from work and we are going to go look for baby stuff! xD We need to start looking for a car seat because it looks like his sister is really too freaking lazy to walk to the post office and try and send her extra one to us… She was just supposed to go and see how much it’ll cost to ship it… she could fucking call it in for God’s sake, ya know? :annoyed: Sorry for the language it just makes me mad because she has twins, therefore TWO car seats that they have outgrown, which John bought for her in the first place and she can’t shell out $30 or $40 to send one of them to us? Annoying. We are also going to take a look at one of the baby stores in town as we have a coupon for 20% that someone gave us :D


  1. Jamie

    21st Jan 2011 at 2042

    Jeez, some sister-in-law/sister you guys got there! But my god that lazy to even see how much to ship over a carseat? *Shakes head* I’m sorry to hear that Cordy!

    Anyway, sounds like you’ll actually be living in the hospital for a month! Poor you! But you’ll get through it okay! I know you will! I have faith! :). Good luck though!

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate them! Yeah, it’s very exciting and kinda nerve wrecking at the same time. I mean, yeah we flirt a lot online and talk a lot online but how are we going to act around each other when that time comes to meet face to face you know?

    1. Courtney

      21st Jan 2011 at 2230

      I totally understand!! John and I started dating again when he was in Iraq and when it came time to meet again in person ( after five years of no contact ) I was SO nervous that it would be like in high school when we dated (i broke up w him cuz he was too clingy lol) but when you know someones SOUL like that, it makes everything just icing on the cake when you’re finally in person :D

  2. BEBE

    21st Jan 2011 at 2123

    wow..that’s a cute belly pic there. :) I think being pregnant is really an exciting and wonderful experience.. :) I can’t wait till I have my own child after 5 years or more. hahaha.. :D

  3. lindsie

    22nd Jan 2011 at 0758

    Awe you poor thing! Although I loved being pregnant the one thing that I did not like was all the doctor appointments, not nearly as many as you though. I’d be exhausted!

    It’s so funny that you said you were able to shave your legs and put makeup on – that’s exactly how I felt. Throughout the end of my pregnancy when it started to get tiring and stuff I wore sweatpants and jesses t-shirts all the time .. never felt like doing my hair or makeup! Then you have those days where you have all this energy and clean the house all day and get yourself all together!

    As far your sister-in-law goes … that’s messed up. My sister lives in California and im always sending stuff down. Who wouldn’t want to help someone out? You know. But you can’t control the ignorance of people, unfortunately.

    Well hang in there girlie, it’ll be over before you know it!

  4. Catherine

    22nd Jan 2011 at 1129

    Wow I’m sorry you have to go the the hospital so much. You never hear about all of this when people are pregnant D: Sounds really tedious. At least the child will make it all worth it ;D

    Aw the belly pic is so cool ^.^ have fun shopping for baby stuff, sounds really fun and I am honestly so happy for you and your husband ;D

  5. Steff

    22nd Jan 2011 at 2110

    So I’m guessing this is your first bub then? Congratulations! I have a friend who is expecting a girl in three months. Do you have any ideas on names?

    Sorry to hear that you will be going to the hospital a lot, I hope everything is okay with the baby. :cute:

    1. Courtney

      22nd Jan 2011 at 2151

      Yes, it is our first :)
      We are naming him Easton James :D

  6. Kayt

    23rd Jan 2011 at 1707

    yes, exactly! babies deserve to have their mother and their father in their life- once a parent, shouldnt all the parying stop or happen A LOT less? some people make me sick. lol

    Its better to be safe than sorry, but I understand that ALL those appointments can seem to be a bit much. I would hate it as well, but if its for a good reason, why not :P
    The belly pic looks so cute! I love seeing pregnant people (i often wish it was me! hahaha), i love feeling the baby move as well, so magical!
    his sister shouldnt be so lazy as to send you a car seat. I mean, he was kind enough to buy them for her, so why not return the favour? hopefully she does.
    enjoy baby shopping :D

  7. Ashley

    24th Jan 2011 at 1521

    I’m so excited for you! Your belly is sooo freakin’ cute, I love baby bumps. That’s pretty shitty of your sister-in-law not to at least check to see how much shipping cost or whatever, eh? Some people you know… sometimes it’s better to just get stuff yourself instead of relying on someone else who usually brings on a lot of stress waiting for a response, you know? It’s sad that she couldn’t do that for you guys. Some people are just that way though, I guess. I imagine your husband is pretty pissed too, huh?

    I can’t wait to see the baby! I bet you’re excited to get it out of you, huh? LOL. Hope all the doctors appointments go smoothly over the next month and a half. :]

  8. Rin

    25th Jan 2011 at 1742

    Congratulations on getting your first baby! :) You look so young in your display picture! I didn’t expect you to be a mother already. I am so excited for you! :D

    Looking at baby stuff can be a really fun thing to do. Their clothes and shoes and everything are so tiny and cute! :3 I like it when babies talk in gibberish. They sound so adorable!

    I’m sorry that you have to go to the hospital a lot. I hope that everything will be okay for you and the baby. ^^ Stay healthy and take care!

    1. Courtney

      25th Jan 2011 at 1916

      Thanks :) Not sure which picture you’re talking about, the one on my webmiss page or the gravatar one, the gravatar one is from summer 2009 I think lol I just like it so much so I keep using it! :D

  9. Shiri

    26th Jan 2011 at 1051

    Wow, loads of appointments there. Oh well, at least the hospital will become like a second home to you and you won’t be too nervous after a few visits. It’s like..if you as a kid had to visit the denitsts often for braces – as an adult you don’t have a fear of the dentist because you’re so used to going there :)

  10. Kayt

    26th Jan 2011 at 1431

    when people don’t vote for you, you feel kind of.. down and like, whats the point? and think that people don’t like you. They often vote for the most popular websites anyway, and thats just bs in my eyes. If you ever join any in the future, let me know and I’ll definitely vote for you! I always vote for people who are friends or who actually have a great looking website/content, not just because their “popular”.
    OMG yes, the same phone for 3 years is not a good thing. I got my blackberry because I wanted it SO bad, and for the 3 yr contract it was for 0$, and stupid me, I went for it. This last year has been such a drag, I cannot wait much longer which is why im going to get my new one this weekend/early next week! So, I’ll have 2 phones hehe.
    That sucks that your phone company screwed you over! mine did as well and I always called with problems/complaints about the cost, cause it kept going up and up when I did nothing to make it go up and up. So i put it in my dads name and he bitched at them. I tried getting a new phone that would be even more cheaper, but they said I wasnt allowed. If i did, I would have to start my contract over -_-. Telus is such a crappy company.

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