Finally Feeling Pregnant

Not sure what it was, but I woke up yesterday, knowing I have only 9 weeks left of this pregnancy and I just felt pregnant. All day. My belly was rock hard all day (which is really uncomfortable), my shoulder was sore for no reason and I was so freaking tired. Today? Worse. My belly isn’t feeling as hard as yesterday (thankfully) but my entire body hurts, mainly my back/neck/shoulders and I’m exhausted. I’ve been waking up around 9:30AM so I have time to eat breakfast, as I’m not supposed to skip meals to help with the GD and blood sugar levels, but today I didn’t wake up til almost 11:30AM. And I had one of the most uninterrupted nights of sleep too, so I got more sleep than normal in the first place and then I slept in a lot more. And I still feel tired! :( My husband went to lunch with one of his co-workers so he didn’t come home, which didn’t bother me cuz I had just woken up and would feel bad if he would have had to make his own lunch. BUT I really wanted him home so he could rub my back and hopefully help with my painful neck and shoulders. Hopefully I can make it through the day and have him do it tonight after work. :)

Yesterday was payday, so we did our normal payday grocery shopping. We spent almost $200 at Sam’s Club and we had to be a lot more conscious of what we were buying! Because of my GD we were looking for stuff that didn’t have too many carbohydrates as that’s what I should be watching. After meeting with the nutritionist at the hospital, I learned that I can look at the nutrition label and take the total carbs and substract the fiber for counting carbs. Therefore, for a nice snack, we got some Fiber One bars and they are really good! They have a good source of fiber (which I want more of as I’m getting constipated again from being pregnant!) and some good fiber Cinnamon Cheerios! I’m not supposed to eat too much cereal in the mornings, but this cereal has a good amount of carbs after you minus the fiber so one bowl a morning won’t hurt me too much :)

Also tonight, I’ll be missing Grey’s Anatomy again because we have our second of three childbirth classes. Tonight we are supposed to be practicing breathing and pushing techniques. I’m just getting really nervous as there’s only 9 weeks left[1. If we are going by the official due date. The original due date was a week sooner!] and a lot of women have been saying when they had GD they were induced early, so I may have even less time! :confused:

Also, you may have noticed the new theme. I know it’s simple but I wanted something green and simple and here ya go! I also spent most of my day yesterday re-doing the about and webmiss pages :) I think they look much better!!


  1. lindsie

    14th Jan 2011 at 1419

    I hope your feeling better. I know .. it sucks towards the end of the pregnancy when your belly starts to get hard … it makes you feel like you have to pee 247, hehe just being honest. But that sucked! Also sucks that you have to watch what you eat and stuff .. but it sounds like your being extra careful about it which is good.

    Oh and by the way I love your new theme .. the actual layout of it is super cute. One of these days I may have to have your make me a theme :P

    1. Courtney

      14th Jan 2011 at 1647

      haha thanks :) i could definitely try!!!

  2. Catherine

    15th Jan 2011 at 0353

    I can’t imagine at all what it must feel like to be pregnant D:! Sounds a bit crazy. I hope you feel better Dx

    Ooh I love shopping and finding new things :) I glad you were able to find all of those cool things to buy that will help.

    Although being pregnant sounds a bit crazy, I can imagine how much of a bit of a rush it will be when the baby finally comes, one day it’s in your womb and the next it’s in your arms :’) Cheesy but it sounds cool :)

  3. Georgina

    15th Jan 2011 at 0450

    Gorgeous layout! I was working on a layout the other day – I’ve been working on some for a while. One turned out green too – go green. :D

    I haven’t had cereal in a long time. I’m glad you’ve got some good snacks though – fibre is always good for you.

    I hope the baby behaves itself while it’s in there. It must be really exciting at the same time. :) I hope your husband gets to take some time off soon to be there for you, he ought to. ;) I hope you feel more relaxed soon, take care and best of luck in the upcoming weeks. :D <333

  4. Terin

    16th Jan 2011 at 1915

    The end of pregnancy…I don’t miss those days! I hated the days where you felt pregnant…JJ used to do all kinds of acrobatics in there!!

    That really sucks about the GD, but it seems like you have it all figured out. When I decide to have another, I’ll have to keep in mind about the fiber.

  5. bianca

    17th Jan 2011 at 0658

    hey there
    i love ur theme it looks perfect. good luck with 9 weeks im sure when you have your baby ull be so relaxed and happy that ull say why was i even nervous. how do u make ur header fit the whole screen like this layout with ur header and footer.

    1. Courtney

      17th Jan 2011 at 1141

      FYI I do have a Q&A section for these types of questions :)

      to make the header/footer images run across the entire page, no matter the screen resolution, I use all this in my CSS. first mine are in < div >‘s and I set the background to an image and set it to repeat-x . This will repeat the background ONLY horizontally :) Let me know if that makes sense!

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