Total Eclipse of the Heart

I can’t believe Christmas is getting so near :D I am super excited to cook dinner for the first time! And by dinner I mean Christmas dinner… I make dinner on a quite regular basis :p This is the first year that I won’t be home with the family back in Wisconsin for the holidays. It does make me quite sad to think that I won’t be able to see everyone, but guess what? I will! We are planning to use Yahoo! Messenger to webcam with the fam back home! :D Our computer (well, it is technically John’s) apparently won’t download Skype so we are stuck with messenger. I don’t really care, as long as I can see my family!

The other night there was a total lunar eclipse! Apparently it’s the first in like 34 years or something? It was cool to be able to see it and in Alaska! :lol: The moon was really small cuz it was far up in the sky and my camera is broken! All I have is my little iPhone and it didn’t pick up shit so the pictures you see here of the eclipse are from someone on facebook who posted her pics taken by campus. John and I only saw a couple minutes of it, just after the eclipse when the coppery color was starting to fade and it was like -20 degrees and I was tired so we didn’t stay long. I don’t remember ever seeing one before so I thought it was pretty neat even though we didn’t stay too long.

Another night alone tonight :( John has 24-hour duty again so he won’t be home now until 9AM tomorrow. He was only home today for dinner. It is helping me get things done though. haha Put off cleaning the entire house until this week and we have people coming over for Christmas! The house wasn’t really that unbearable, just really needed to be vacuumed because of all the dog and cat hair and the kitchen and dining room needs help. Oh and the bathroom because the cat insists on making a mess on the floor with his food and then moving it all over the floor lol I’m almost done though! Just need to sweep/mop the kitchen and then clean the bathroom. And we still have all day tomorrow and some time on Friday to finish :D (needs to be done Friday cuz a friend is coming over and staying the night). Wish me luck! :)

Did you see the eclipse? What are your plans for Christmas?


  1. Sinda

    22nd Dec 2010 at 2129

    I did see the eclipse!!!!!!
    It was great. I just happened to be up at like 2 or whatever, and I saw it posted on one of my professor’s facebook that the eclipse was happening and so I went outside! It was a super coppery color, and I saw it starting to fade away. It was so AWESOME. I’m so glad it wasn’t cloudy out.

    It’s nice that you’re getting your house clean. I hate to do those deep cleanings but they really do make the house look great. Have fun with your hubby this Christmas. Even though you don’t get to be with other family, just remember he’s your family now. Sometimes, I think it would be better if we didn’t have my husbands family so close to us all the time. Being by yourselves will really help you guys to have a relationship that’s all yours.

    1. Courtney

      23rd Dec 2010 at 1245

      yeah, back home you guys had to be up super late to see it! here the eclipse started becoming shadowy at 9 something and the full eclipse was supposed to be around 10:45PM and lasting 70 minutes or so. John and I didn’t find a good place to see it til almost midnight though so we didn’t see it completely shadowed out

  2. Ashley

    23rd Dec 2010 at 1354

    I didn’t get to see the eclipse, it was cloudy here so eh.

    I wish I was at my own place this Christmas cooking my own Christmas dinner, but I’m stuck with my parents this year, I can’t wait to be moved out again. It’s hard living at home when you’re 24 almost 25-years-old you know? I miss my family when I’m gone, but I don’t like living with them, haha!

    Anyway, hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy camming with your family on the big day.

  3. Catherine

    23rd Dec 2010 at 1623

    Good luck cooking the Christmas dinner :P!! That’s great that you can still talk to your family – gottaaa love technology!

    That’s pretty cool :) I wish I could have seen it but I don’t think you could have from the UK D: Sad times Dx Looks cool though ;D

    For Chrstmas my plans are just to spend time with the family xD! That’s all I ever do XP

    1. Courtney

      23rd Dec 2010 at 1706

      I think the eclipse was viewable from everywhere, just depending on what time and if the weather was cooperating, but maybe not! I’m not sure!:)

  4. Faye

    26th Dec 2010 at 0918

    Aha, did you enjoy making xmas dinner?! :D And yahoo messaging the family? Thats such a cute idea… I wish I could do that with my grandparents, but give them a webcam and a laptop and their brains would probably explode due to the sheer amount of confusion. :P

    Awh, I wish I had watched the lunar eclipse, but I didnt even know about it till the day after!! I was gutted. Probably wouldnt have been able to see it anyway. It was so cloudy here that night… :I

    Anyway, hope you had an awesome christmassss! :D

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