Old Times vs. New Times

Hey everyone. I feel like I haven’t really blogged in a while, mostly because I haven’t! And when I have it’s been this stupid blog challenge. I decided I’m not going to finish it. It’s becoming more of a chore and not something I want to do. It’s making me not want to blog and I don’t want to feel that way! :(

So for the past couple of months John has really been wanting a new phone. The ear speaker in his Motorola Razor died so he couldn’t hear anyone unless he put his phone on speaker. And then half of the time the person he would be talking to wouldn’t be able to hear him. Being a Sergent in the Army kinda makes the need for a working phone a top priority. On Sunday, he was looking on US Cellular’s website to see if they had any deals on upgrading to a new phone. They had BOGO free on a smart phone we wanted so we decided to do that. He called them and was on the phone for a long time until they finally told us that when we had signed our contract almost 2 years ago, we were saying that half of our phone usage would be in their licensed calling area. They don’t have any towers up here in Alaska but they have a deal with AT&T that allows their customers to be able to use their phones without crazy roaming fees. We pay our bills to USC and then they pay AT&T. They didn’t tell us that when we signed up. And they knew we were living in Alaska because of John being stationed here. They said if we got audited they would basically tell us to change providers because basically they don’t want to have to pay to AT&T. So we said fuck that crap and went down to AT&T and got new phones. Luckily since John is stationed up here, and so changing providers really isn’t our fault, the cancellation fee gets waived for us :D Nice since it’s like $150 per line!!!! Anyway, we got iPhones (I’ve wanted a smart phone for a LONG time!) and our bill is only about $30 more a month, which isn’t bad.

I’ve been looking through videos from when we first got Dakota (our dog) and she looks so big!! Her previous owners had her outside all the time (in -25 degree weather :( ) so she had lots of fur and I’m kinda sad she hasn’t grown it back!!! Here are two videos for ya to see how mouthy she is :D The first is from last February and the second is from today :)



  1. Trophy

    16th Dec 2010 at 0157

    OMG. I hate hate cellphone Customer Service. ITS ALWAYS BS and then “I am sorry” later. Total whomp in full effect.

    Love the dog :) so cute.

  2. lindsie

    16th Dec 2010 at 1556

    It’s never the phone company’s fault, NOT! They always trying to blame everyone else except for themselves.

  3. Terin

    16th Dec 2010 at 1803

    I hate cell phone companies, and their customer service. Verizon just screwed me over with a netbook deal, and wants to charge me $70 to return it when I only paid $30 for it.

    I’m upset that AT&T doesn’t work well here, I would be all over an iPhone. Congrats on the new device.

  4. sharla

    16th Dec 2010 at 2029

    I always dread talking to a phone providers customer service through the phone, they never know what they’re talking about. Most of the time you have to go the actual store before you can get any decent help… at least that’s been my experience with it :razz: Your dog is cute :)

  5. Deanna

    17th Dec 2010 at 0454

    Congrats on your new phones! I would love to have a smart phone, but I just cannot afford one right now.

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