Day 8: Place

A Place You’ve Traveled To

So, my pictures are kind of limited because our lap top computer is currently downstairs and our external hard drive is upstairs (where the computer is supposed to be) and I’m too lazy to go plug it in to get a good picture. So, I will tell you all about seeing the Green Giant instead :p This picture is of me, in March of 2009 when two of my friends from WI came with me to visit friends at my college in Orange City, IA. About 4 hours into the 6-hour trip from home to school you come to a town called Blue Earth in Minnesota. I usually stop there to get gas or a quick meal but because I had friends with me, we decided to stop by the giant and take some pictures. Thankfully this is too far away for you to really see me because we actually had taken this on our trip home and we had left at around 5:30 in the morning that day. So, it was only around 8AM at the earliest and we were all kinda tired and icky looking. lol

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