Day 7: Your Favorite Movies

This one is kinda dumb, and today I’m feeling really crappy :( Is it sad that I’m already sick and tired of this challenge? lol

I don’t really have certain movies that are my favorites, but I do have favorite genres. I love comedies and dramas. Action and romantic comedies. I don’t like much Sci Fi. Thrillers and Horrors are good sometimes, but I always hate them while I’m watching them lol A few favorites that I can think of are Eclipse, Rush Hour, Bad Boys, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible, She’s the Man, The Notebook, Raising Helen. Those aren’t all favorites but they are movies I like that I can think of.

  1. lindsie

    7th Dec 2010 at 1546

    Comedy is also my favorite genre.

    My favorite movies that I come to mind right away … HANGOVER & STEPBROTHERS <– the best ever! Um then theres Grease, Cry baby .. all those mobster movies and stuff :) but I do love romantic movies too!

  2. Dawn

    8th Dec 2010 at 0752

    :hug: heyy! thanks for the comment on my blog. I appreciate all the support i get during this upsetting time. :)

    Raising Helen is always one of the movies I watch when it comes on TV, its so sad but so amazing.

    Tristan and Isolde is the one I watch when Im feeling down and depressed……hmmm, might go pop it in, LOL.

  3. Emiley

    8th Dec 2010 at 1349

    Theres a few movies you mentioned which I like =] Have you ever seen ‘white chicks’? It’s a comedy heh

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