A Picture of Something that Makes You Happy

Okay, so I cheated and picked two. But, it’s because the first picture makes me laugh and the other actually shows what makes me smile. My pets. Mostly our dog, Dakota. We are so lucky to have her! The story of how we came to have her is interesting too. So, John and I got married last December. I moved up here to Alaska January 2nd and we stayed with some friends while our paperwork was going through for our own housing. We really wanted a puppy or a dog and we kept going to the local pound/animal shelter to visit all the animals there. We had found a dog we wanted but didn’t have our own place yet so we couldn’t get her. I kept getting worried she wouldn’t be there when we finally had a place. Well, the night before we moved in to our house, we drove down there to see if she was still there. We saw that she was! So excited we ran to the front table to tell the lady we wanted to adopt her. Alas, she was being adopted at that very moment! :( We were crushed but instead we decided to look at the puppies and we ended up finding a puppy we absolutely loved. She was only about 5 months old and was a german sheperd/husky mix. Oh so gorgeous! She was colored like the sheperd but fluffy and long haired like a husky! When they opened the cage she was in she ran right to me and I knew I wanted her.

Well, we had ended up being just a little too late (they stop doing adoptions at 5:30PM as they close as 6PM) because John had gotten done with work a little too late. So, we decided we’d come in first thing in the morning when they opened which was 11AM. I’d have my friend April drop me off and I’d do paperwork until John met me there on his lunch break so we could pay and take her home :D Well, I finished the paperwork and sat there waiting for John. While I was waiting, a lady brought a beautiful husky inside the front. She was giving her up for adoption. The lady at the front called a handler because animals weren’t supposed to be in the lobby. They took the dog away and the lady sat next to me while filling out the paperwork and crying because she had to give her dog up. Her family was moving and the apartment they were moving into didn’t allow pets. I told her not to worry. She was a pretty dog and she definitely would find a good home :cheerful: John finally came around noon and we were still waiting cuz a couple ahead of us was adopting two kittens so we had to wait until they were done. We finally go up to the front and the lady tells us one of the puppies they adopted out last week had Parvo so all the puppies were under quarantine until they could all see a vet!! :cry: However, the lady asked if I had liked the dog some lady had brought in earlier while I was waiting. I remembered the pretty and friendly husky and said yes. John was angry and wanted to ask for special treatment and see if they’d hold on to our puppy and call us after they found out everything was okay. I told him we should visit with the other dog–she was pretty and playful and we might like her too. He agreed.

We sat in the visiting room as they went to get her. I heard the door open and little paw-steps on the floor and before she got to the room, John saw her and said “Oh my gosh she IS gorgeous!” She came in the room and we fell in love with her. We wanted her after 2 minutes visiting with her and so we went out to finalize everything. We named her Dakota (which was the name we had picked for the puppy, but it fits her too :D ) and I think she’s the only animal to be in that pound for under an hour! :cheerful: I have never regretted picking her over waiting for the puppy–she is the best dog anyone could ever have! (And even more interesting I have found she is most likely an Alaskan Klee Kai, fanlisting is here, and more pictures of her are here)


  1. that’s what i felt too when i first saw my dog! but i didnt adopt him, i bought him but i never thought that it was him iam buying, it’s the feeling of love at first sight!


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