Well I don’t have siblings, just sibling. One brother. He is 3 1/2 years younger than me, currently he is 21. His name is Will. William. For as long as I can remember he was always into sports. He played football and soccer in middle school and both football and basketball in high school. I never got to see him play in high school because I was in a different state for college. :( He and I both took after my dad and aren’t very sentimental and we never were very close.

I love my brother of course and I know he loves me too, but we never hung out or anything. I think we were just a little too far apart in age and in school we were 4 years apart, only in the same school when I was in 4th grade and he was in kindergarten. We’ve come a little closer since I started college, still not really hanging out but we try to talk on the phone at least once a month and love seeing each other at family get-togethers.


  1. I have 3 siblings. My sister and I are very close and we talk on the phone/skype pretty much everday. She is now currently in California but before I know she’ll back in the states by us. She is 13 months younger than me and to be honest we weren’t ever really close until she grew up, matured and got married. Then we were able to connect on a whole new level then once she had her baby it made us even more close and now we can talk to each other all day about babies and stuff. I am also very close to my brother who is 18 months older than me. He used to beat the crap out of me when we were younger, we just never got along and always fought. Then once grew up and stuff we became like best friends. It’s really weird and I never would have thought that in a million years that we’d be this close. My other brother who is about 5 years older than me is very loving when I see him but we aren’t very close. He has spent most of his life in jail so it’s hard to build a relationship when he’s never around.

    How were you two growing up? Did you both always get along?

    1. growing up? my memory really sucks but i remember one time when i think my brother was about 4 or 5 and we were playing and i hit my head on a dresser handle and my brother ran away cuz he thought he’d get blamed lol as far as i remember we decently got a long, never really beat each other up or anything. and once he hit 14 years old he was taller than me haha

  2. This is still so cute and it’s the same between my brother and I! My brother is 15, just, and I’m 19, nearly 20. We never went to the same school. When I was in year five, he’d started kindergarten, but I moved to a different school. When I was in year 12, he was in year 7, and we could have been in the same school, but he went to an all-boys. It’s funny though, we don’t talk as much anymore yet I feel we are much closer. Maybe because a while ago we used to fight every time we were next to each other. It’s amazing how young boys grow up IMO, my brother went from hitting me to opening doors for me. Almost brings a tear to my eye. :’)

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