Well, the subject of parents is kind boring. Well, first of all, my parents are divorced, they got divorced at the end of my junior year in high school. My brother and I stayed with my dad, as we were old enough to choose and neither of us wanted to stay with my mom. And she didn’t fight it. My mom, Rhonda, was an alcoholic and that was one of the things that led to their divorce. She didn’t believe she had a problem even after we all sat down and talked with her about it. She was too busy crying and saying my dad had ganged us up on her. Which wasn’t true. We weren’t trying to upset her, we were just trying to show her what the problem was and we were all willing to work on it if she would. But she wouldn’t. So, divorce.

My mom didn’t show up to my high school graduation. I hated her for it for so long, especially when she showed up to my brother’s 4 years later. Only then did I realize that she really had gotten better and was in a better place then. Since then, my mom has been diagnosed with MS, which we think was brought on partly by her alcoholism. She has gotten better, I think, I don’t see her drink (she was always a beer drinker) as much when I visit her. However, it’s hard to tell with the MS because she slurs her speech so much I can’t always tell if it’s from beer or not. I know she loves me and my brother, I think she just is scared to contact us first. The only time I ever visit her is when I choose to. She never initiates contact but she always is sad when I leave. Especially after John and I got married, she cried the last time I saw her before coming up to Alaska.

My dad, Scott, is not a very sentimental guy. He rarely says he loves me, even though I know he does. He always got angry with me when I screwed up, and he always helped out money-wise when he could. That’s how he shows his love for me. He is there. Currently, he is taking care of my cat, Beast, until John and I can fly him up here. Hopefully we will be able to this summer when we are home on John’s R&R. I will have to fly back to Alaska with the baby and a cat though and that will be interesting!


  1. I’m sorry about things between you and your Mum : (. I can’t really relate too much, but I understand that in can be sad. You seem very strong though, I can imagine myself being a bit too scared/feeble to instigate a visit to my mum under those circumstances.

    My dad is the same way; I mean I love him and I know he loves us, he’s just no very sentimental. I wouldn’t say I am that sentimental either. Dx

  2. Awe im sorry to hear that too. Especially because I think it’s important in every girls life to have a good relationship with their mother. My mother and I have our little arguments but she has always been there for me and my family .. she’s an excellent grandmother. But hopefully with the little one coming it’ll change for the best/better. ♥

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