… and a Happy New Year!

Ah…. Christmas came and went and it was a decent day for me :) We ended up having to get up super early, 6AM, to start the ham as it needed to be slow-cooked for 8 hours and we had planned on eating at 2PM. After John started the ham, I made breakfast, which was cinnamon rolls and they were decent. We opened our presents with our friend Nate who had spent the night and was staying all day with us. Got some great gifts!

I was really surprised with what John’s mom got me! It was the Nikon camera! John and I have both been out of a camera (other than the crappy ones on our phones) for months! So, this was definitely a nice gift and I’m really glad we have a camera now! :yay: The other two gifts in the pictures were from John. The one is a figurine from Beauty and the Beast. When we were shopping for our parents, we had seen some of the Disney princesses figurines at the store and I had said how it would be cool to get a collection of all of them. I guess he decided I should start collecting now! :D He also got me the set of all three of the Twilight Saga games. I was a little angry at this cuz I had told him I didn’t want to get any of the Twilight games until all the movies were out so I could have all the games at once, but apparently he had bought it before I had said anything about it lol Nate also had gotten me the first 4 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy! That made me pretty excited too! :D

We had a lot of success with making Christmas dinner and the desserts. John made some cookies, I made some fudge for the first time and tried again to make chocolate creme pie. My pie set, but not completely…. it was more like chocolate pudding pie :( I’m getting closer though! It’s one of my favorite desserts and I won’t stop til I can get the recipe right! haha The recipes for the fudge and the cookies I put up on the recipes page for anyone who’d like to try them out!!! :)

I did feel a little nauseous earlier in the day, after we had had breakfast I took a nap as I was really tired and when I woke up I felt even worse! :( Luckily I made it though the day and today we got up early to see my family on the webcam. Well, Yahoo! Messenger wasn’t liking us to use the video call, so we just used the webcam and a cell phone :wink: Then John went to Boston’s to watch the Packer game, and I went back to sleep…. for four hours! It was nice though, and I’m still a little sleepy but I’m hoping that that helped catch me up on my sleep and tomorrow will be back to normal. I found out the gym on post has a pool so I’m planning on swimming tomorrow while John works out… They say swimming is one of the best work-outs for the pregnant ladies as the water takes all your weight! :D Hopefully I can still fit in my bathing suit!

How was your Christmas? Did you get any good presents?


  1. Sinda

    27th Dec 2010 at 0815

    I love that word. Decent. That was mine, too. There’s so much family junk to do, we had to squeeze in doing presents together at like 11pm on Christmas Eve. Sam got me a lot of really good quilting things for my quilt room. A game that I think I will probably never play, and then a book, that I already returned and got something else with.

    It was pretty good altogether though. I’m glad you had a good 1st Christmas by yourself with your hubby!

  2. Gabi

    28th Dec 2010 at 1005

    I’m glad you had a decent Christmas! I got a camera as well, and it was a total surprise. I didn’t even know that they made Twilight games, but then again, I’ve tried to block out most of the hype around the series so I can enjoy the books if I ever decide to read them again. It’s been pretty difficult so far. -_-

    You’ll get the pie right some day. That’s how I was with banana cream pie. The first few times it was more like vanilla pudding with banana chunks in it. Now it actually tastes somewhat like Baker’s Square (although still not as good).

  3. Christine

    28th Dec 2010 at 1203

    It sounds like you got some nice gifts. I love the Beauty and the Beast figurine. That is my favorite Disney movie. Your chocolate cream pie sounds great. That is one of my favorite pies to eat, and I’ve never tried to make it before. Maybe I’ll give it a go and see how it turns out.

    I’m so glad your dinner and everything went well and everybody had a nice time! Enjoy your new camera!

  4. Emiley

    29th Dec 2010 at 0433

    Hey, just dropping by… hope you had a great Christmas and have a great new year!!

  5. Catherine

    29th Dec 2010 at 0538

    Aww I’m happy you had a good Christmas :) I really enjoyed my Christmas; it’s my favourite holiday ;D

    That’s awesome that you got a camera. I’m thinking I need to get myself a HQ camera, my Samsung phone one just isn’t doing it for me any more Dx

    That’s great that the dinner went well :P It is really fulfilling to cook something successful, and I imagine it must have felt really good especially because it was such a big meal :)

  6. Sharla

    29th Dec 2010 at 1337

    Sounds like you had a nice Christmas! That’s awesome that you got a new camera. I would say mine was pretty decent as well. I got a lot of the regular stuff for Christmas… movies, clothes, a new purse – stuff like that. :P

  7. Simone

    29th Dec 2010 at 2231

    You definitely had a “decent” Christmas. You got some great gifts too! I loveee Grey’s Anatomy.

    My Christmas was pretty decent too. I got few gifts but really wasn’t counting on any. As you grow older you realize what Christmas is actually all about and things just change.

  8. Sarah

    30th Dec 2010 at 0841

    Sounds like you had a really good Christmas, and got some really nice presents! We was up at 6am too, but it’s all worth it :-). Have a great new year!

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