‘Tis the Season

Who went shopping on Black Friday?? At American Eagle we called it “green friday” and I’m not sure why. lol I had to work early and we didn’t get paid until today so I didn’t get to do any shopping. Oh well. I have yet to shop on a Black Friday anyway I guess it can wait til at least next year! :p Oh! And, finally put up the Christmas theme! Ya like?

So I just took off my wedding band, engagement ring, and my promise ring. :( My fingers are starting to get swollen from the pregnancy and I figure I should take them off now while I still can with a little pain rather than waiting until it will hurt like hell. Or start cutting off my circulation! I don’t know how swollen they’ll get and I’d rather not take the chance of having to get them cut off. [1. the rings, not my fingers!]

John and I just finished our Christmas shopping. At least for our family back home. The only person I have left to shop for is my mom and I already know what I’m getting her I just need to do it! Oh, and I gotta get John stuff and he still has to get me some stuff but for our family we’re done so soon I can start putting all the stuff in boxes and ship them home. Gonna be expensive!

When do you think is a good time to get started on Christmas shopping? What about putting up decorations? (if your family does)

  1. lindsie

    28th Nov 2010 at 1932

    Love the new layout, now cute! I still can’t believe its almost winter & christmas, omg! I did a lil bit of shopping on BF .. not much tho.

    I haven’t even started my xmas shopping lol. We are last minute people on everything. We usually got a few days before xmas. Haven’t bought a thing yet :) but it doesn’t bother me waiting till the last minute.

    I put decorations up the day after thanksgiving or the following weekend after. I decorate a lot so I hate to just leave it up just for 2 weeks ya know? Id like to atleast keep it up for a month.

    1. Courtney

      28th Nov 2010 at 1937

      Yeah, I agree! It takes so much work to put up decorations so why only for a few weeks?!

      The only reason we’ve done our shopping so early is because we have to ship stuff across the country and want it to get there close to Christmas, hopefully before the actual day!

  2. Terin

    29th Nov 2010 at 0544

    I love your winter theme…very nice.

    I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping. I usually do all of my shopping during the Pre-Black Friday sales when some of the prices are actually better. I was done with shopping by Thursday.

  3. stepherz

    29th Nov 2010 at 1125

    At Toys R Us, we used to call it Green Friday too, since it’s the color of money. :) This year though, it was back to Black Friday, which I feel is a much more appropriate anyways. After doing the retail side, I’m not sure I can ever go back to shopping on this day.

    Lol, aw! Poor thing! All swollen! It’s for a good cause though! And you’re lucky it’s cooling down! I couldn’t imagine being pregnant in the summer!

    1. Courtney

      29th Nov 2010 at 1218

      yeah, i’m really glad it’s cooling down although i’m in alaska so cooling down means it’s getting closer and closer to -40 outside! the high for today is only -15!!! staying inside today! haha

  4. eduardo

    29th Nov 2010 at 1348

    i hope you dont work at a high volume store, that would suck so bad >_<

    retail… *shrugs* i always do my shopping on sales through out the year. its just so expensive!! but on the people i actually care about like my mom. put all that shit on the card at nordstroms. they usually give me a 10% off on all my purchase. ;]

  5. Ashley

    29th Nov 2010 at 1436

    I haven’t shopped on Black Friday ever in my life either, I really want to, but I usually don’t have money around that time. Maybe we’ll both get to experience it next year. :D

    I’ve always heard some women get swelled feet and hands while they’re pregnant and I definitely think it was smart to go ahead and take off the rings now, I know I wouldn’t want to have to get them cut off.

    I usually put decorations up before November is over and start shopping in December sometime if I have the money. I love this time of year, it always puts me in such a good mood.

  6. Sinda

    29th Nov 2010 at 1717

    I had to cut my rings off. It was very sad and dramatic. :(
    Since I’m still working on losing weight, we haven’t gotten them fixed yet, hoping that I can get them resized and whatnot all at the same time.

    I almost never do any Black Friday shopping. Last year I did some online, and the year before that I went to one store, but I think it’s vastly overrated.

    You guys are smart for getting your Christmas shopping done. We still have everyone to get things for. everyone. Ugh.

    The layout is super cute, btw. I wish I could do stuff like this.

    1. Courtney

      29th Nov 2010 at 2045

      sorry to hear that sinda!:( i have yet to gain most of the weight i’ll gain so i’m trying to find a workout video for pregnancy and go ride the bikes or walk at the gym with the hubs so help. my doctor said she only wants me to gain 15-20lbs and i’m almost 10lbs above my starting weight so i’m getting nervous since i’m heading into the third trimester.

      thanks, about the layout :) it was simple though, i used christmas brushes and fonts that i’ve found, i didn’t really do much!!!

  7. Becca

    1st Dec 2010 at 0941

    I’ve never done Black Friday shopping before :/ Maybe next year…..!

    I’m done all my shopping too , but we’ve yet to start decorating :(

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