Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Thanksgiving! Man, today seemed long and stressful, but it wasn’t really! This year was John and my first Thanksgiving together, as last year he was up here in Alaska and I was back in Wisconsin. It was also my first Thanksgiving away from the rest of my family, and the first time I would be making the meal :D It was a blast!!!

First time making a turkey, and it was yummy. I also made a corn casserole thing that I’ve made before, green bean casserole, and homemade mashed potatoes. Made John mash them though :p We had a total of 6 people eating and we still have some leftovers!!! I got a little nauseous during dinner, so I didn’t get to pig out like normal but it was still a good meal and I got to enjoy it :)

So I gotta work tomorrow at 6:45am which really sucks but I get done at just 11am so I’ll still have some time to do some shopping (maybe, we’re kinda broke til Monday lol) and then come home and help John put up the Christmas tree and his little houses. Then I work Saturday and I’m done! We also just found out John is most likely going to some school next week and he’ll be gone til the 17th of December! Thankfully our anniversary is the 19th so he’ll be back for that but he’ll be gone for his birthday which is the 13th. :(

Anyway, that’s it for the quick update. I hope everyone had a great turkey day and have a great weekend!

  1. lindsie

    26th Nov 2010 at 1657

    glad you had a great turkey day :)

  2. Catherine

    27th Nov 2010 at 1350

    Glad you had a good thanksgiving :) They don’t celebrate thanksgiving over here Dx so everyone is just excited about Christmas ;D

    Yummm reading that made me hungry/excited for Christmas dinner!

    Hope you have a good week :) Sorry about having to work Dx Everything else sounds funnn though :D

  3. Georgina

    28th Nov 2010 at 1851

    Ahh that sucks that you have to work so early. The only think I look forward to is the money – every time ahhaa. D:

    Our family doesn’t put up the Christmas tree anymore; it takes too much time and now my parents will be working pretty much all day Christmas day and night. We won’t really have time. Our family isn’t that big on the decorative stuff and presents.

    I’ve never had turkey before nor do we celebrate Thanksgiving but I hope you had a good time overall!

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