Road Conditions: Black?

Oh yeah, that’s right. Up here in Alaska in the Fairbanks/Fort Wainwright area the road conditions are BLACK. We’ve been having freezing rain since last night and will be going and going until sometime in the middle of tonight. Black road conditions (on the army base anyway) means that no one is allowed to drive around the base. Only emergency vehicles are permitted if at all possible. Obviously if you have an emergency and can’t wait for an ambulance you can drive to the hospital, but you might get stopped by the police anyway on the way there. Kinda crazy! I liked it this morning when John came back to bed and said “Well, baby, you’re stuck with me all day.” :cheerful: So now he got a 3-day weekend, he works tomorrow and Wednesday, and then gets a 4-day weekend because of Thanksgiving. Lucky ass. lol

Also, I only have 3 shifts left at American Eagle!!! :cry: :D Yes, I’m both sad and happy about that. Sad because I love working there (most days lol) and I love the 40% discount on clothes that I get, and I will miss most of the people that I work with. And I’m also a little worried I’m going to get too bored not working at all. I’m happy though because it will give me more time to focus on taking care of my pregnant body and staying off my feet for too long.

If you’re curious as to why I changed the layout, I did it because I was sick of the other one but it’s too early for my Christmas layout so I came up with this yesterday. Pretty fast so it’s not too great.

  1. Cori

    23rd Nov 2010 at 0714

    That’s craziness, I couldn’t imagine being told I can’t drive somewhere. I just know if some one said that to me I would remember right then and there about 50 things I need to go do.

    I would love a 40% to AE, I’m addicted to their hoodies and the Aerie pj pants. Plus the kids line, so adorable!

  2. Georgina

    24th Nov 2010 at 0534

    I think the layout looks great! It always happens to me that when I make a layout really quickly without much effort, it turns out to be a really good one. That’s quite annoying haha.

    I can’t believe the weather is that bad! I feel lucky to live somewhere where there aren’t many natural disasters or weather problems. Hope you had a nice day in and that the weather doesn’t keep going on like this for too long!

    Wow, I admire you for getting in there and taking out your tonsil stones haha! If it’s a serious problem you could get your tonsils removed if you want, at least that’s what my doctor said. I can’t get mine out with my finger or a cotton tip, I just get a gag reflex so I have to use water or cough it out. :| Glad I could help lol.

  3. Jordan

    24th Nov 2010 at 1252

    Wow! I’m not surprised though, Alaska is cold! But time with your husband sure has to be nice :)

    Sad! Discounts are awesome! But you’ll appreciate the time to focus on your baby – so excited for you Courtney!

  4. Ashley

    24th Nov 2010 at 1735

    Black ice is really scary, whenever it rains and freezes over I get really nervous when driving because of that very reason. I’m usually the one driving really slow hoping I don’t die while driving haha.

    Getting an extra day with your lovely is always nice, my boyfriend stayed home from school yesterday because it was like 7 degrees out and he has to walk an hour to get to school and he didn’t want to risk getting sick so he stayed home with me, it was nice.

    Not working definitely gets boring, but focusing on your baby is for the better. I can’t wait to be pregnant someday, I always get so jealous when I read about people having babies and being pregnant.

  5. lindsie

    25th Nov 2010 at 1701

    Awe I love this layout. It’s so cute and the colors too.

    Wow sounds like the weather there sucks! It’s cold here and the roads today were a little bit icy but other than that nothing too major. Hope you guys won’t have to go anywhere.

    Well chic hopefully you had a great thanksgiving. Your eating for to so your deff. allowed to pig out hehe.

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