Happy November

So, Halloween came and went and it was a fun night. I had to work until 4, which wasn’t bad but I was tired. Then, John and I watched some Buffy while waiting for Trick-or-Treaters and then continued to clean the living room. I gotta say, it takes A LOT to clean an entire house. Even taking it one room each day! But, it really needs to be done cuz I’ve been too busy working almost everyday and I can’t expect John to pick up my slack on his weekends. But, I changed my availability at work so I have at least 3 days off each week which will hopefully give me more time to get back into the routine of cleaning more steadily (rather than taking on the whole house in a week!) and cooking more exciting dinners :p

I’m also really wanting to update in the resources section, so please give me some ideas, guys! What would you like to see? The only thing I can’t do right now is recipes cuz my camera is broken and John hasn’t been able to find his for months so I can’t take any pictures of foods! :(

I’m also planning on adding some pictures soon of the ultrasounds we’ve had so far :cheerful:

Well, today’s the first day off in a line of 4 and I think I really should try to get something done!

  1. lindsie

    2nd Nov 2010 at 0514

    Wow your website is super cute! I love the colors you used. Also thanks for the comment ♥
    Congratz on the lil boy! Awe I miss being pregos – most girls hate it but I love everything about it. WELL not the morning sickness, but other than that even labor I didn’t mind! Take care :) the time will come before you know it. XO

  2. Deanna

    3rd Nov 2010 at 0917

    Good luck getting the house clean! I know how things can start to pile up. Our apartment was starting to get pretty messy so I spent a couple hours this morning cleaning things up. I still need to do some laundry and put a few things back in their places, but I will save those for tomorrow.

  3. Georgina

    5th Nov 2010 at 1633

    I hate cleaning so much sometimes. My mum makes me do it all the time but some people are just really busy. I personally don’t have the time… especially with studying. Cleaning the whole house is an absolute pain. I’m glad you have time now though – make sure you balance it out so you don’t get stressed!

    I personally like icons, even though I don’t use them, I love looking at them… and maybe icon tutorials if you’re up for it! Reminds me that I need to give my visitors section an update…

  4. Catherine

    6th Nov 2010 at 0829

    Meh I hate cleaning. I think it’s important to though, and it’s good that you did xD

    G’luck thinking of resource ideas. I literally can’t think of a thing :S I always just suggest tutorials? People seem to like those xD Or coded layouts!

  5. Ayah

    7th Nov 2010 at 0049

    we have similar problem. I want to update each corner of my site but I do not have an idea. lol.

  6. Regan

    9th Nov 2010 at 1102

    That’s a lot of cleaning – well done for getting it done. and I’m glad you had a good halloween :)

  7. Cori

    10th Nov 2010 at 0646

    I love Buffy! Did you get very many trick or treaters? Almost everyone I know all across the country got barely anyone on their doorstep this year. Kind of strange.

  8. Ashley

    11th Nov 2010 at 1947

    Aw, I really love this layout the colours are great! We didn’t get any trick or treaters here, but honestly I didn’t see many people out trick or treating, I don’t know if it’s because it’s not as big in Canada, or what..

    I hate when things aren’t clean and organized, I clean all the time just so things stay neat, I completely understand adjusting your schedule so you have more time to do that. I can’t function properly if my living area isn’t organized.

  9. Jordan

    12th Nov 2010 at 2019

    Cleaning is a drag! But maybe it’ll be fun when you have a little one to pick up after :) Okay maybe not but still! I hope all is well :)

  10. Jessi

    14th Nov 2010 at 1622

    Sorry for replying so late! You’re expecting! That’s so cute! I’m glad you’re getting the gender you were hoping to get. (I read a bit of your last blog.) I’m glad you had a good Halloween. Mine was alright, just more boring than usual. :

    Well I hope all is well!

  11. Becca

    15th Nov 2010 at 1857


    How’ve you been? You need to update me (/all your readers) with baby details. I’m getting so excited for you!!!!

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