Getting in the Holiday Spirit

**EDIT** So, yeah I changed the theme today. Tired of the plain fall colors one but not quite ready for the Christmas one, so here ya go! **/EDIT**

Baby shower is today! I’m just waiting a little bit longer to go get one of my work friends and then we’ll be heading to April’s to set up!! :) I just wanted to blog quick, so I’ll return comments later!!!!

So I’m sitting here in the living room watching my husband put up Christmas lights. How I LOVE Christmas time! I made a Christmas theme for the site and I am killing myself by not putting it up! But, I feel that Christmas stuff should be put on hold until after Thanksgiving. Except Christmas shopping. Shopping you can do whenever! :p

Which is one reason why yes, John is putting up our lights but we won’t be turning them on til after Thanksgiving. Hey, I’m not going to go outside when it’s -20 degrees outside just to wait til after Thanksgiving to put up lights! We are waiting until the day after to put up our tree though. And John has tons of little houses that he will get to put up for the first time ever! :D He’s been living in the barracks until now! And last Christmas we were at home in WI and this is our first Christmas in our own place :cheerful:

  1. lindsie

    20th Nov 2010 at 1643

    Hope all goes well at your baby shower – also hope you get everything you need and want :D

    We don’t put up our Christmas tree until the following day after Thanksgiving as well.

    Awe how sweet, this will be the first xmas with you two together in your own home. Im sure it’ll be a great memory!

  2. Sinda

    20th Nov 2010 at 1939

    It’s fun to have your own traditions and whatnot. We have some of our own, and some things that we’ve had to do a certain way to fit in with his family’s stuff. We barely have time for ourselves to be a family on Christmas. Christmas eve is with his grandparents and everyone, then Christmas is with his parents (used to be his other set of grandparents but she died before last Christmas).

    The worst part about Christmas when you’re pregnant is that people give you your presents, but they’re for the baby! I had to keep from having a super sad face last Christmas. :(

    Have fun with the lights and stuff. Sam’s not too big into decorating, so we don’t really get to do much. Plus, we have a little dude who is getting into everything. I almost don’t even want to put up a tree this year. Eek.

  3. Emiley

    21st Nov 2010 at 0140

    Hey =] Just thought I’d let you know that I am actually still alive! Sorry for being MIA x

  4. Catherine

    21st Nov 2010 at 1118

    Your Christmas lights are already up xD That’s early x) No lights are up around where I live yet. I love the whole Christmas season though – decorating the house – the lights – Christmas day – it’s just lovely :)

    Ah I’ve just read the part about Thankgiving xP So not that early then :) There’s no Thanksgiving over here, though! :P

    1. Courtney

      21st Nov 2010 at 1633

      yes we have our lights up but like i said, we won’t turn them on until after Thanksgiving :p it gets too cold up here to wait til December to go outside and put lights up!

  5. Tiff

    27th Nov 2010 at 1254

    That is so funny that your husband spells his name the way my boyfriend does as well. I’ve always told him that the way it’s spelled is so weird. It should be Jonathan, but nope..there’s that random H in there…haha & almost everyone spells it wrong. His grandmother named his father that & his parents named him after his dad. So there you goo..haha.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving & I like the new layout. :) Ahh I love the holidays. I hope you have a wonderful baby shower!! How exciting! This is the 3rd blog today that mentioned being pregnant/babies/etc. hahaa. Woo..lots of pregnant bloggers out there today. :D

    There was a time when my parents left our xmas lights up… October or so. hahaha sooo..yeah. It’s definitely not early. My community puts up lights on the trees when we enter our gate so it’s not early. They put those on maybe 2 weeks ago. So yeah your man is on ittt!

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