Household Goods

John’s mom is up here in Alaska visiting us for a little over a week. Yes, if you’ve done your calculations, she is my mother-in-law :p But we get along great :D Anyway, so John is on leave and I took the time off from work too so we are all free to do whatever we want. Sort of. Still tight with the money situation. But oh well. Today we are having a BBQ. It’s not the nicest weather but at least it’s not raining (yet). We have a bunch of people coming over, three of them being our friends who are moving in a couple of weeks to Colorado :( But today will be fun!

Yesterday John got a call saying that his (our) household goods from Wisconsin were in town and he needed to call to set up a delivery time. We are SUPER excited because we’ve been waiting forever for that stuff! It’s all our stuff that was left back in Wisconsin that we couldn’t fit in suitcases or whatever when we came up here in the first place. Some of it is furniture but a lot of it is junk lol I’m just really excited because in my stuff I have a disk with a bunch of OLD OLD OLD website stuff from 2 years ago when I was still in college working on my website I can’t remember exactly what’s on it but I’m sure I’ve got lots more graphics (like PSDs and layouts) that I can update and add to the resource part of this site :D I’m really excited for that. And for being able to set up our house COMPLETELY :cheerful:

John and I are still trying to save some money so we are able to fly home for Christmas this year! If you can spare just a few dollars, please click on the donate button to the right… Every penny will help and I’m planning on offering free advertising or something like that for anyone who donates. More info on that later! :D Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!

  1. Kim

    5th Sep 2010 at 2226

    I will certainly enjoy my labor day weekend…studying! haha

    How cute, I always hear bad stories about women and their mother-in-laws but that’s great that you get along with yours :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too!

  2. Jordan

    6th Sep 2010 at 1415

    Praying your money situation gets better, Courtney! Have you ever thought of free sub-domain hosting?

    Will we be seeing these layouts soon? I sure hope so!! :)

  3. Jamie

    9th Sep 2010 at 0629

    Hey Courtney you probably don’t remember who I am, but I used to own and now this domain. We’re friends on twitter, my twitter name is jaymej45. I’m really loving the new layout you have, it’s so blue! lol. But yeah, I’m glad you’re getting time off to spend with your mother-in-law and getting your furniture back. That’s always a plus. I hope your money situation will be better in days to come. Well; I don’t know what else to say except I’ve linked you on my site.

    1. Courtney

      25th Apr 2012 at 2328

      Hey Jamie :) I saw you closed your site, hobscotch… where did you go? I miss ya girlie!

  4. Emiley

    16th Sep 2010 at 1224

    Hey affie/linkie, just thought I’d let you know that I am actually still alive! Sorry for my inactivity =] I’ll blog again soon when I have something interesting to say haha.

  5. Emiley

    18th Sep 2010 at 0734

    Hey! I donated =] I hope you two do get home for xmas, it would be such a shame if you didnt. xx

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