New Addition to the House!

Sorry I’ve been kinda blah about updating lately. A lot has been going on. My two friends from home, Melissa (Wisconsin) and Kelsea (Iowa) were up here visiting for about 3 weeks. It was a crazy time but also very very fun! :D We had some crazy times on our trip over the 4th of July weekend–we drove 2 1/2 hours to Denali National Park to see Mount McKinley. Alas, we were part of the 70% that didn’t see it because of the weather being too cloudy and rainy. :( Then we continued our journey another 4 hours south to Anchorage where we stayed on the army base there and camped for a night. We took a trip to the Alaska Zoo (check out last blog!) and then took the 6 1/2 hour trip back home to Fairbanks/Ft. Wainwright.

The girls were here for another week after that and during that time, guess what? Found out I am pregnant! :cheerful: I took two home pregnancy tests in the same day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and they both said “Pregnant”. (I get the digital ones that actually say the words ;) ) Then the next day John and I went to the hospital to take an “official” test and pee in a cup for the wonderful nurses there. After calling them and hounding them for my results that day, they told me it was a “weak positive” so I had to come back in 48 hours to do another one. :rolleyes: So I went back that Friday and did another test. STILL weak. Went back in this last Monday and finally it came back a normal positive. So they signed me up for my first appointment, but it’s a week from tomorrow and it’s a group thing. :confused: How stupid does that sound? We have to go through a sort-of class thing where they tell us what we should and shouldn’t do while pregnant, what medicines we can take, etc and then we get some one-on-one time with our nurse. I told John he was coming with me. lol

I really really want to update soon, with a new layout and new content… I just don’t know what to do. Any ideas that can spark some inspiration for me? That would be awesome! :D

  1. Phoebe R

    15th Jul 2010 at 1827

    PREGNANT! Congratulations! :D good luck on those classes and other procedures.

  2. Emiley

    17th Jul 2010 at 0513

    zomg your pregnant!! hehe congrats! That’s wonderful news =D. I’m so happy for you hehe.

  3. Grysh

    17th Jul 2010 at 2316

    Congratulations! Being pregnant is a wonderful thing! :)

    Well, I guess having it in a group is so much better. You get to talk to other pregnant women and you get to learn tips from them, talk about it and stuffs :D

  4. Natasha

    18th Jul 2010 at 0032

    Congrats, congrats, congratssss.
    Are you excited? I’m.. Soo excited!! Hahha.
    I love babies. And you have to keep me totally up to date.
    Is John happy, is unplanned. I feel so out of loop.
    its a must (:

    1. Courtney

      19th Jul 2010 at 1136

      it wasn’t planned or unplanned…. i stopped taking my birth control 4 months ago and we decided to let it happen whenever it was meant to happen. We decided leaving it up to God was the right thing :D

  5. Catherine

    19th Jul 2010 at 0914

    Meh I hate it when the weather ruins plans :/

    Congrats on the pregnancy :D! That sounds exciting :D

  6. Deanna

    20th Jul 2010 at 0411

    Congratulations on being pregnant! Were you trying to get pregnant? I never knew that you could be a “weak pregnant”. What does that even mean? Is your husband excited? I can’t wait to hear about your adventure, assuming you are going to tell us all about it during the next 9 months.

    1. Courtney

      20th Jul 2010 at 1018

      no i was actually gonna keep the next 9 months secret :p like i replied to natasha, we weren’t actively trying, just decided whenever it would happen it would happen.

      I believe “weak pregnant” just meant that it was too early to get a definite reading… i mean obviously if it’s positive at all that means you’re pregnant but it being weak just means it was early and not enough of the hormone was being detected for a strong result.

      and yes, john is very excited :D

  7. Jordan

    20th Jul 2010 at 0638

    COURTNEY! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Congradulations!!

  8. stepherz

    21st Jul 2010 at 2031

    Congrats on being pregnant! Ah! so much to do and plan now. You guys must be so excited! :D

  9. Jessica

    22nd Jul 2010 at 0754

    AHHH!!!!!! OMG I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR YOU!!! AWWW! A BABY! You must update whenever you can about the updates! How cute! Since ive been talking to you before this blog post i really AM happy and excited for you since ive gotten to know you a bit more, aw…im so happy :D :love:

  10. kauchih

    23rd Jul 2010 at 1604

    aww. congrats on the new baby ! so exciting, one of my friend is pregnant too :D

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