Long, Yet Fun Weekend

Wow. It’s been awhile since I last blogged. But, I’ve been busy! Both my friends from the midwest are here visiting and we just got back from our awesome trip to Denali and Anchorage. We picked up my friend Kelsea from the airport on Thursday night, then left directly from there to Denali. We got there around midnight and set up camp and went to sleep. Friday we went white water rafting and it was amazing! It was raining when we first got there, so that kinda sucked. And then putting on my wetsuit, I accidentally put my arm through the head whole and it ripped. So, we had to wait for the people to drive back and get a new suit for me and then we finally went into the rafts. I will try to add more pics later, but click here to see what I’ve put up so far. :D

Saturday we drove into Denali, hoping to see Mt. McKinley, but alas, we are part of the 70% that come to see it and can’t because it’s too cloudy :( We still saw some awesome views of the mountains so that made up for everything else. We spent way too much money but we had a lot of fun. Saturday night we drove down to Anchorage and went to Ft. Richardson army base to set up camp there. We then drove around to the air force base and got lost. It was really fun though! lol Sunday we were all WAY cranky and people wanted to go home. John and I were thinking we needed to do something in Anchorage to make the trip worth while otherwise it was a complete waste of money and gas. We went to the Alaska Zoo and it was pretty cool to see some native Alaskan animals that we wouldn’t really see in the wild. Melissa got one of the foxes to follow her in a circle around its cage while she ran around it. It was sooooo cute.

We got back late last night and headed to sleep. I’m super excited though because Melissa is seriously thinking about moving up here around February next year when John gets deployed so I don’t have to be alone. She’s also joining the Navy at some point, so she said she’ll probably stay here til she goes for that. And Kelsea said she is going to come up in March for her birthday so it’ll be awesome to have my friends up here again. I think I’m starting a trend! haha It is really beautiful up here in the summer and I think anyone that visits would probably want to stay (unless they come in the winter!) ;)

  1. Deanna

    10th Jul 2010 at 0500

    What kind of animals did they have at the Alaskan Zoo? I’m not sure what kind of animals they would have there. I’m glad you had a great time.

    1. Courtney

      10th Jul 2010 at 1732

      there was arctic foxes, polar bears, black bears, yak, bald eagle, caribou, moose, snowy owl, dal sheep, and a few other cool looking owls that i couldn’t remember. there wasn’t too much there but it was cheap and still pretty cool :D

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