We’re WAY Up North…

So my friend Melissa from back home (Wisconsin) is up here in Alaska visiting me for 3 weeks :cheerful: She got in yesterday and also my friend Kelsea is visiting for a week, coming up here the 1st of July. I’m so excited! This weekend we are going to the hot springs up here. I think it costs ridiculous prices but I’ve never been to any kind of hot springs so I’m pretty excited to go. Also, we are going with some friends to go shooting. I don’t know the actual terms or anything but it involves a shotgun and some clay discs or something like that. I think it’ll be fun.

Over the weekend of the 4th of July all of us plus a few friends are going to drive down to Denali State Park and camp there for a few nights and then down to Anchorage for a few nights as well. We’re camping in Denali for two nights and then shopping in Anchorage for the other two nights. I’m really excited cuz I’ve never been down to Denali and been able to see the mountains and I’ve never been to Anchorage. While we’re there I’ll be able to see the Pacific Ocean which will be awesome as I’ve never seen ANY ocean :(

Anyway, that’s all the updates for now. My husband, Melissa and I are about to play a game of UpWords.

  1. Jade Rachel

    25th Jun 2010 at 0226

    ooh hot springs sound lovely. I hope you all have a wonderful time :)

  2. Dalia

    25th Jun 2010 at 1629

    omg hot springs? that sounds fucking awesome! i’ve seen those in like, movies and always thought I NEED TO TRY THAT! have funn!

  3. Sakura

    26th Jun 2010 at 0124

    Hi. Want to exchange links?

  4. Jessica

    26th Jun 2010 at 0626

    aw im so happy your friends are gonna go visit you! it sounds like you guys will have a lot of fun! ive seen the atlantic ocean before, but when i was little, lol. anyways the hot springs sounds very cool! ive been to springs, but the ones i go to are freezing cold…lol!

  5. Jordan

    26th Jun 2010 at 2031

    ahhh dontcha love when friends come visit? I hope you have a total blast- and let it be worth the money! :)

  6. Deanna

    28th Jun 2010 at 0506

    That is very exciting. How long have you been living in Alaska? I think it would be an interesting place to visit. That’s neat that you get to go Skeet Shooting (I think that’s the name for it). I’ve only played that on video games lol. I hope you enjoy the Ocean. I have lived by the Atlantic Ocean my whole life so it kind of shocks me to hear someone has never seen an ocean before lol.

  7. Emiley

    28th Jun 2010 at 0647

    lol sounds like you havent seen or been to alot of places hehe Whats ‘upwards’ by the way? I’ve never heard of that one hehe

    1. Courtney

      28th Jun 2010 at 1008

      UpWords is like the game scrabble but you can stack letters on top of each other to change words around. It’s pretty fun. I like it better than scrabble :D

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