New Beginnings…

Woohoo do I love starting over. What about you? So, yeah, I don’t remember what exactly I was trying to do with wordpress when I started, but I ended up having to re-install it again and start over again :( But, hopefully it’ll be the last time. I think I was originally trying to get “pretty” URLS instead of the ugly ?p=738 crap, but I can’t seem to get it to work and I’m not starting over again. I’m not sure how to backup my posts and comments and stuff…. anyone know how? And like to tell me? :cheerful:

I also put up a new layout :D And I’m working on editing all the pages to make them look a lot better. Sorry if it looks a little wanky for a while… I was using Maintenance mode before I re-installed and everything was fine, but after I re-installed, I can’t see my pages anymore and it keeps bumping me back to maintenance page even though I’m totally logged in in another tab, just like I was earlier when it was working. Soooo…. taking Maintenance mode down for now and working little by little. The big parts (all the theme stuff) I got done, so just maybe a few pages will look a little funny for a little bit til I finish :D

Hopefully everything else is good. I installed what feels like a thousand plugins today, but I think it’ll be worth it :D My twitter updates looks better and I’m going to be adding a few new things, like the plugins I use and stuff like that. Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. :D

  1. Grysh

    25th May 2010 at 0133

    As for the page extension, you can just change it at the options/settings of your dashboard. As for backuping your files, you have to have the plugin. Backup something plugin. I forgot the name. Just search it. ;)

    Love the new layout btw. :D

  2. Kallie

    25th May 2010 at 0746

    I really like this new layout. It reminds me of my sister as she loves these colors. :cheerful:

    I am sorry to hear about the WordPress thing. I hate it when things like that happen.

    That stinks! Baby rabbits are cute! Too bad they had to leave so soon. My sister loves babies and would of been heartbroken if we had the rabbits. You would not happen to know why they all died would you?

    Dude, what is the point in livin in Alaska if you have not seen anything that lives up there? :blank:

    I can not remember at the moment which one, but I believe it was a CSS tutorial. But like I said I can not remember at the moment.

  3. Deanna

    26th May 2010 at 0241

    Your website looks awesome. I need to redo mine, but I never seem to get around to it. I have it all planned out on paper, but that’s the easy part lol. I’m new to WordPress so I don’t think I can help you with that. Good luck!

  4. alex

    26th May 2010 at 0550

    i know how you feel. i had to re-install cutenews five times in one day… i’m not really sure what i was trying to do but it wasn’t working out. i tried to install wordpress but that didn’t work either haha

  5. Nina

    26th May 2010 at 0634

    I remember in 2007 I went to visit my website it was all gone. The server that my host had had crashed over night and all the files were gone! 3 years worth of blogging were gone. It sucked starting all over.

    But yeah there should be a plugin for backing up your files. Look it up.

    The website right now looks nice. I like the color scheme. :)

    1. Courtney

      26th May 2010 at 1334

      Oh man, that sucks! I hope nothing like that happens again!

  6. Steff

    26th May 2010 at 0707

    I really like this new layout, the header is great and you did good with the colours. The navigation looks kind of out of place though. Maybe you could style them a little more, add borders or put them in a box. That’s just me though. :)

    I had the same problem with the wordpress thing. Lucky for me I barley had any content so I didn’t lose much. As for back ups, I have no clue. i’m sure there are wordpress plugins for that.

    I put a bunch of plugins in to.

    I don’t have twitter, I only just signed up for facebook. I don’t need another internet based thing to be addicted to. :)

    1. Courtney

      26th May 2010 at 1121

      Yeah, I agree about the navigation. I didn’t really know where to put it. But I fixed it now! :cheerful:

  7. Vicky

    26th May 2010 at 1404

    Thank you! :) I kind of hope something is wrong, at least things will be sorted and I can start getting on with my life.

    Oh I used to have so many problems with WP, I’ve lost so many blog posts in the past. But yes, the WP database backup plugin will be a huge help! :P You definitely should check the others out. :D

    That sucks you’ve had to start over again! :( Do you permalinks? I have a tutorial on that, maybe it’ll be useful? Unless you’ve already tried mine. xD

    Maintenance Mode can be evil sometimes. I try to avoid using it, but eh, it’s too cool. XD Good luck getting all your pages sorted out, though!

    I totally love the layout. :D

    1. Courtney

      26th May 2010 at 1431

      yeah I actually used your tutorial to change my permalinks and the links come up right when I hover over the link, but when i clicked on them, they sent me to a search engine, because the link wasn’t working :( not sure why cuz I’ve looked at other tuts as well and I guess WP just doesnt’ like me and my website to have pretty URLs. Oh well. I only use WP for my blog anyway, not for the rest of my pages so I guess I can deal with only blog ugly urls lol

  8. Georgina

    27th May 2010 at 0711

    Thanks! I’m glad you like them! :)

    I’m a bit of a worse procrastinator now in university than I was in high school. I keep waiting until the last minute because I am so lazy. But this year I promised not to pull any all-nighters. Work hard but just do not pull all-nighters! I’ve done well this university year too.

    You might want to try this WordPress database backup plugin,

    It sends you an email with your database. It’s really nifty. If your site is as big as mine though, it can’t email it to you because it’s far too big. :(

    Sometimes the permalinks need index.php/ in them, like Sometimes you need to put that in to let them work… or if you don’t, you might get a 404 – at which point I have a tutorial on removing that

    Hope it helps. I do love the unique colours on this layout. :D The combinations are good!

  9. Jessica

    27th May 2010 at 0852

    new beginnings are amazing…lol i love the cute smilies! and the new layout…ah, it is amazing! i love the colors!

    im not a wordpress pro, sorry i cant help, but i hope you work everything out…im sure it’ll look awesome in the end :)

  10. Jordan

    27th May 2010 at 1152

    Love the colors and font to the new layout! And yes, wordpress and can be so difficult! I hope it all gets better soon!

    Have a wonderful day, Courtney!

  11. Becca

    27th May 2010 at 1729

    Lookin’ good girl! I think you should offer layouts to the people you love the most. *cough*. HAHA!

  12. Mihoriel

    28th May 2010 at 0158

    Just recently, the same thing (my website crashed) happened to me and I lost about a year of my blogging efforts. I had even uploaded entries from other sites. It was sad but now, I’m trying to get back into the groove.

    Best of luck!! The website look amazing, btw!

  13. jenni

    28th May 2010 at 0414

    I LOVE the new layout – the background for the banner is just so beautiful!

    All your hard work is paying off, yay :)

  14. Georgina

    28th May 2010 at 0726

    I am glad it helped! You are very welcome. My tutorials don’t sit for no reason! ;)

    I use WordPress on my whole site. I love to code and work with code but this was the best decision I made with my website and I can still code. ;D

    You can use your theme on a normal page but as for pages… I’d highly recommend using WordPress. It is so organised. ;D Especially if you have hundreds of pages like me. :P

  15. Camila

    28th May 2010 at 1600

    Hi Cordy
    Wow, this new theme looks awesome!
    What a pity you lose your archives =
    There are backup plugins at
    The URLs you can change on your dashboard, even when your writing the post.

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