Another Shopping Weekend

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, everyone! :D I did find a useful tutorial thanks to Georgina to help with the permalinks issue, and found a plugin for a backup for WordPress. Hopefully that’ll help out if I ever need to start over again!

I decided I do want to re-do my site, making it all based upon WordPress. I think it will help my site be more organized (even though I JUST re-organized everything into separate pages rather than php stuff all on one long page in the coding) and it will make it much simpler when it comes to changing themes and stuff like that. :) It might be awhile until I’m fully done with that though, as I have to copy/paste my info and edit some stuff so the links will all work correctly and make sure contact info is correct on every page and etc and etc. You know the drill. :p

John and I both got paid this weekend so we spent lots and lots of our paychecks on stuff today. We bought a bunch of food, about $150 at Sam’s Club, and around $250 at American Eagle. lol. BUUUUUT…. I work there and got discounts, so we got A LOT of stuff for that price! That was basically my whole paycheck, plus some lingerie I got at Torrid. I had never been there before, but I was told that they had nice stuff for larger girls (Large up to 4XL sizes) so I checked it out. I was sad cuz the one piece of lingerie I found that I wanted the most was a little too big and they didn’t have any more smaller ones :( But I got something else instead and will surprise the hubby sometime :cheerful:

Also, one of my friends from college messaged me on facebook the other day asking for some help with a blog. She just had a baby and just started WeightWatchers because she is very motivated to lose some weight. She wants to blog about her progress as it will give her some accountability. Anyway, she was a blogspot and I told her I would totally host her and help her out! So, it’s not perfect yet as she is still learning and messing around, but it would be cool if you could stop by and pay her a visit! Her blog is :)

Again, thanks for the comments/suggestions on the last post. I will return comments soon! :D

  1. alex

    29th May 2010 at 1217

    yeah i have no idea. everyone i talked to has had no problems…maybe it was just me. i might have missed something…

    i went shopping yesterday too and got some pretty cool things :) i love american eagle but i sadly didn’t get the chance to go in their yesterday

  2. Grysh

    30th May 2010 at 0719

    I have never bought my own lingerie. Lol. xD
    Just entering the store embarrass me >.<

    I'm glad you found the plugin finally. ;)

  3. Kallie

    30th May 2010 at 1721

    I am glad you got the whole WordPress thing straightened out. I love how WordPress can manage all your pages. Love it! :heart:

    I seriously could not ever spend $250 on clothes. Like ever. That is just me. Most of my clothes are clothes that me and my friends swap until we out grown them or we do not want them anymore, so we swap them out for something new. :]

    Well at least you got three. Maybe you will get another batch of them and be able to keep all of them. Well I learned something new about rabbits. I thought like all mothers instincts just like turned on when they had kids. Guess not. :confused:

    I guess that is why we have to live our life to the fullest everyday no matter what. Do what you love, forgive easily, love lots, and there is something else, but I can not remember what it is.

    I know what you mean. God lays things on your heart for a reason. He does not give you a dream just to dream about, but rather to go for it! He more or less inspires you to be who you are meant to be! I can not promise you will ever be able to start up your own family, but do not lose hope..ever! No matter what everything will be okay. You never know, there may be a reason, a good one, why it is not a good time to start one. You may think so, but God must not think so. You get what I mean? :hug:

  4. Jessica

    30th May 2010 at 1857

    Hey courtney…i have some exciting news (not really, lol) i made a new blog…it’s just a subdomain, but i think its what i need in order to not feel like i HAVE to blog every day but whenever i feel like it, and with this subdomain i can still keep my main domain a simple collective site :) anyways the link is hope to see you stop by!!

    goodluck with all the re-organizing…im sure it is a lot of work but i bet it will all look great when u are done! haha another shopping spree i see at A.E…ah, how awesome it must be to be able to go shopping! i want to go shopping sooo bad but i have no money :(

  5. Elizabeth

    1st Jun 2010 at 0520

    Hi there! I’m Elizabeth, just dropping by your site. Looks great! I use wordpress but I embedded it into my blog so that I wouldn’t have to code an actual theme, which for some reason I always have trouble doing, so I did something different.
    Wow! Sounds like you had fun shopping, now if I could get a job at a store I think I’d be spending a lot of cash myself. Unfortunatly my city dosen’t have enough jobs….seems that way at least.
    All the best getting your site organized, like I said it looks great! :) Just sarted mine so hope to see you there sometime. :)
    Whatever surpise you got for your hubby, I’m sure he will love!

  6. Nina

    2nd Jun 2010 at 0653

    hey court! i cant say much about being organized on the website bec mine isn’t anything close to being organized. haha! i used to be but i failed due to lack of time. make sure you back up everything though before messing around.

    yay for your friend that started her blog with WP. yayness. :] i will visit her blog as well. have a good day!

  7. Vicky

    2nd Jun 2010 at 1126

    Ugh, my doctor is a jerk and apparently all I have is a viral infection? :| Yeah, because they last for months don’t they? :|

    I only like I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1 and Chapter Four by Avenged Sevenfold. That said, I haven’t really tried to listen to their other songs since like.. 2006. Maybe I should. :3

    I have some songs by Dead by Sunrise, they’re okay! :D I loves my Breaking Benjamin too much, though. XD

    I used to be stubborn and really wanted to keep my PHP pages when I first switched to WP in 2008 lmao. After a while I realised it was a lot neater and organised with WP pages.

    LOL wow, you guys spent a lot of money! :O I get paid weekly for my job but I’ve only been doing like 3 hours a day the last few days, it kind of sucks.

    That’s awesome of you to host your friend! I made my best friend Carly get a site hosted by me haha. She doesn’t really use it though. XD

  8. Marissa

    2nd Jun 2010 at 2212

    WordPress is so silly but so useful… I wonder how something so good could suck at the same time. Oh well. Better than that cutenews thing xD

    Dooood I need a job badly I can’t even spend 10 bucks without feeling guilty :[ -jealousy-

    I love finding old friends via facebook :3

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